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      Tolerances standard bearing and shaft
      A. Rolling
      ① When the bearing bore and shaft tolerance tolerance constitute cooperate, formerly code-named transition fit tolerances in the hole basis system in general will turn over to win with such k5, k6, m5, m6, n6 and so on, but the amount had not won Great; when the bearing bore tolerance generations and h5, h6, g5, g6 like fit, does not win over the gap and become fit.

      ② bearing diameter tolerance zone due to the tolerance value is different from the reference axis is a special tolerance band, most of the case, the outer ring mounted in the housing bore is fixed, some bearing parts of the structure requirements and needs to be adjusted, it should cooperate tight, often with the H6, H7, J6, J7, Js6, Js7 like.
            Under normal circumstances, the shaft is generally from 0 to + 0.005 standard if it is not often split, then, is + 0.005 + 0.01 interference fit on it, if disassembly is often transition fit on it. We also take into account the rotation axis of the material itself when thermal expansion, so the larger the bearing, it is best to 0 with -0.005 gap, do not exceed the maximum gap of 0.01 fit
      There is a dynamic interference, static ring gap
      1, the bearing and the shaft with the use of technetium-hole basis, bearing and housing with the use of technetium-shaft basis.
            Bearing dimensional tolerances and rotational accuracy have value obtained by GB307-84 Naifushibeng regulations.
      2, and to co-ordinate the journal bearing and the bearing inside the hole according to the provisions of GB1031-83 technetium journal roughness Ra value of less than 1.6μm, bearing inside the hole roughness Ra value of less than 2.5μm.
      3, with the ZGCr15 GCr15 steel bearing rings and rolling midnight, its rings and roller hardness value obtained should Houle 61 ~ 65HRC; GCr15SiMn and ZGCr15SiMn when manufacturing steel, the hardness value should Houle 60 ~ 64HRC. Bottom hardness inspection method and parts stiffened with One to uniformity prescribed by JB1255 too.
      4. Check the bearing end radial clearance and axial clearance should be consistent with the provisions of GB4604-84 technetium.
      5, bearing raceways should be no peeling, severe wear, inside and outside the ring were no crack was after; the ball should be no wear, cage no serious distortion, no abnormal noise and vibration during rotation should be stopped gradually stopped gorge.
      6, C-level tolerance for tapered roller bearings, the roller and the ring raceway bottom contact precision, pump with negative Hod One set for the use of shrimp into a good coloring check, contact marks should be continuous, no less than the length of contact roll Germany 80 Picture line.
      Two sliding bearing
      1, the radially thick-walled W
      ① with the pressure lead method, lift shafts or other methods measure the bearing clearance and tile shell pot surplus quantity, the shaft gap brought in line with demand, tile shell Guo interference should Houle 0 ~ 0.02mm.
      ② check the parts, there should be no damage and cracks, Bush should be no peeling, pores, cracks, channels and eccentric wear burn situation.
      ③ in contact with the journal bearing status by virtue coloring inspections of the angle should be no 60 ° ~ 90 ° (speed is higher than 1000r / min technetium take Gap limit, the speed is less than 1000r / min high Tc take head limit). Demand brought within the scope of the contact even with contact, per square centimeter 2-4 pair of contact points shall, if contact no good, you must enter a good scraping.
      ④ cleaning bearing housings, each hole flow, after the crack was no leakage phenomenon.
      ⑤ tile back and the bearing should be closely uniform fit, check with the coloring, the contact area of no less than 50.
      2, the radial thin wall tile
      ① axis Wade alloy layer and tile shell should be firmly tight combination of soil, layer after no too, shelling phenomenon. Layer surface of the alloy surface and bottom halves of the Warri sub-surface should be smooth, flat, no promise after cracks, holes, heavy leather, folders, and other slag and bruising defects.
      ② tile back and the inner surface of the bearing hole should be closely uniform fit, with a coloring method for detecting an inner diameter less than 180mm, the contact area of no less than 85, the inner diameter of fat than or equal to the end of 180mm, the contact area of no less than 70.
      ③ Germany with the journal bearing and the contact situation with the gap hit by machining accuracy guarantee was the contact area scraping One like no promise, even if no contact with the axial direction can be slightly trimmed.
      ④ after assembly with the inside surface of the points obtained by 0.02mm feeler, can be squeezed no Houle qualified.
      3, for the thrust bearing
      ① bush should not wear, deformation, cracks, scratches, delamination, crush and burn defects; get in contact with the thrust plate of the prints should be uniform, the contact area should be no less than 70 and the entire circumference of each tile uniform; the same group tile thickness difference should be no fat to 0.01mm, tile babbitt direction of rotation should be rounded wedge into the oil, lubricating oil was entered by Lee; back bearing surface smooth.
      ② adjustment shims should be smooth, flat, no deflection, with no fat at 0.01mm thickness difference was One layer gasket.
      ③ with bearing cap assembled repeatedly measuring the thrust bearing gap by pushing axis method, its value should be used to find the range with. Measured that way and with the probe shaft displacement German side was thrust bearing clearance must One cause, according to the provisions displacement probe end adjustment bar indicates zero.
      ④ bearing housing horizontal joint surface tight, no dislocation. Measuring oil base oil hole is aligned with the eye lid tile, no deflection. Hole clean and smooth.
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