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      Selection criteria: to Germany for the weight, ability and integrity.
      Employing principles: Understand use, had just apply; personnel director, tolerate the short; capable, the levels were so, the mediocre.
      Staff assessment criteria: "Germany, energy, performance" - the performance of priority, taking into account the attitude and ability.
      Staff quality basic requirements: integrity, reflection, studious, motivated.
      Employees seek: strong body and mind, sharpen the will, stimulate the potential to establish the correct value of the system, thinking and behavior patterns, creating a brilliant career and a healthy life rich.
      Way of doing things: full control, stage of the assessment results and process both.
      Style of doing things: true to its word, line must be fruit, fruit Symbio; not prevaricating, no procrastination, no speculation.
      Company management philosophy: the right person, to the appropriate location, at the right time, with the proper way to do the right thing, the thing been done - establish an automatic mechanism for employees and business success.
      HR: Talent is the rise and fall of this enterprise is the voyage of the boat people, the other side in the same boat Fonda; pay and conditions, the cause of keeping feelings keep people, keep people atmosphere.
      Employees work ethic: dedicated, loyal, active, responsible, honest, hard-working.

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