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      ABOUT US

          LISHUI WEIMA zhóu chéng is located in Zhejiang Green Valley Xiushan Lishui City, is a production of linear bearings, linear activity units, rod end bearings, needle roller bearings, and so professional manufacturers. The products are widely used in automation equipment, packaging, printing, metallurgy, mining, light industry, automobile, aerospace, food, electrical, power and other industrial machinery machine deals.
        The company has strong technical strength and rich experience in bearing manufacturing, advanced technology level, complete bearing processing equipment, perfect measuring and testing instruments, the processing of products to meet customer expectations.
        The date of establishment of the company, employees always remember that the quality of corporate life. "Quality of a brand to brand of the market" approach to business, strengthening internal management, tree outside the corporate image. From planning, technology, equipment to raw materials, which we are all adhere to the same quality standards, each link in the strict careful quality control.
        Companies in the "credibility first, customers first" principle, wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers to visit and negotiate business. Common development, create brilliant!

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